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Healthy Body and Mind πŸŒΉ

Hi guys. How are you today? Hopefully you are fine and in the best condition 😊. Haven't been updating this blog for days. Actually I was sick for days, and I still am 😷. Don't worry, it's not that serious.... Continue Reading →


Stay Healthy 🌸

​It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. - Mahatma Gandhi -

Brownies and Life

Hi everyone. Jumuah Barokah <3. Hows the weather? It's raining here and the bed is just sooo cozy. Imagine drinking hot coffee β˜• while wrapping yourself in soft warm blanket. Heaven πŸ˜†. Hihi. Warm fudgy brownies would be great too,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Sad, Love πŸ˜˜

Happy Notes πŸ’Œ

Hi peeps!! Hows your February 1? Oh my, I can't believe January has ended. Was doing nothing and a month has passed already πŸ˜‚. Today was not that productive. Why? I slept a lot in the afternoon. My brother was... Continue Reading →

Hidden Beauty 😍

Hi gorgeous. Hows your day? Mine was great. Surely yours are great too, right? Even if it's not that great, no worry, tomorrow would be better 😊. I started my day with morning jog πŸ‘Ÿ! Of course with my lil... Continue Reading →

Beautiful January 30, 2017

PTD 2017 (Online Test) – Stage 1

Hi amazing people around the world 🌐. Stay cool and awesome. Cause today I would be sharing my job hunting experience for other position!!! This time it would be Administration and Diplomatic Officer which is also known as Pegawai Tadbir... Continue Reading →

Hang In There

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