Hi everyone ♥♥♥. Hopefully you have a nice day with exciting stuffs going on. So, this is my very first personal blog. Yeay! I can’t believe I finally made one. I spent a day to create this and decide the design and stuffs. I’m quite fussy sometimes, hee. It’s important to be satisfied with your work, right. The point is, I managed to create one. A round of applause for me and you too ❤

I would be sharing my experiences of going to interviews, hiking, random daily stuffs or sometimes  I might just ramble on and on. Basically, it is just me writing and expressing my thoughts. But I really hope my posts can help and benefit you especially for the interview parts.

Why Mundo de Ensueno? Cause this is my dreamworld. Honestly, this is one of my efforts to stay alive. Life can be hard,right. It takes a lot to see things in positive ways when life just keeps tossing you around, up and down. Remember dear, you can complain but please don’t ever give up. So, let’s share positive vibes and make tomorrow a day worth to be looking forward to, for the rest of our life journeys.

Lots of love, ΖΔωΔ ♥.