Hi world 🌞. I don’t really have much to say. Really? Well, actually I have toooo much to say that I don’t know where to start 😅. Last year around this time I was in the university, having a busy life being a committee for taaruf week (orientation week). But this year, I’m at home on my bed, doing nothing. Oh, and it was my last taaruf week. And the first and last taaruf week for my dear friend.

How life changes in just one year. Okay2, one year is such a great deal. Even people can just change in the blink of an eye right. They said they would stay like forever, but then they left because they just can’t stand you and don’t love you anymore. 💔 Not even an effort to mend things. Just throw things away when it gets hard and broken. Huh, people.😒 Why did they even make promises in the first place? Duh. Learn to mend things, don’t just throw things away! Conflicts are there to be solved.

Relationship is something that should be treasured above all. Be it with your parents, family, friends, lover or anyone around you. Even with animals, cats especially 😺. In the end of the time, when you are on your deathbed, what would come to your mind? Your career 💼? Your wealth 💰? No, it would be people whom you love dearly. So, why wait until death ? Treasure those whom you love and love you now! Spend more time with them, give them the loves they deserve. Please, we never know when will we die. I might even die after this entry 👻. We just don’t know. Don’t get any idea, I’m not being emotional. I’m not ranting, I’m not saying these things happened to me or whatnot. Really? Well. Just saying. Haha.

Gosh, now I feel tearful. Cause I miss my loved ones 😢. When I said I love you, I will keep nurturing that love even if you might not love me as much as I do. So, you just know I love you to death until my actions or words prove otherwise. I hate to say this, but when I un-love people, I can be very cruel, as if you never exist 😈. Really, that’s my dark side. Haha. Just kidding, or not.

Why am I saying all these things??? 😂 I tend to ramble a lot. Actually I want to talk about a dear friend of mine. The closest guy friend I have ever had. This very day, last year, he became an emcee in front of more than 1000 people!!! It was for Legal Department slot if my memory is right. I was very proud back then! Seriously, I was very proud of him. It’s like a memorable ending to his undergraduate study, a big achievement really. Even that night we checked our result and his was superb. During that slot, I wanted to watch him from inside the hall but I had to stay outside 😢. So, I could just listen to his voice from the door. Haha. I love listening to his voice, especially when he sings.

And I’m still a proud friend to this day. I would always be proud of him 😊. Recently he had entered a new phase in his life. Happy to see how happy he is. I miss him, seriously :'(. Hopefully more blessings would come his way. I know he would be a great man. Would always be praying for you hon 😉. Let’s always pray for our dear friends. Pray for their health, their well being, their careers, their families. They are treasures that can’t ever be replaced. 😳

Lots of love, ΖΔωΔ ♥.