Hi gorgeous. Hows your day? Mine was great. Surely yours are great too, right? Even if it’s not that great, no worry, tomorrow would be better 😊.

I started my day with morning jog 👟! Of course with my lil brother 😙. Starting your day with exercising would make a difference, as my dear friend said before. And we discovered a scenery that we never had before. It was like, the other side of the world (village actually 😜). Idk, got no word for that. We felt like a tourist in our own village, when we actually have been living here from the moment we were born 😂. We spent almost an hour, sightseeing. Haha. Check it out.

Just wanna share with you these beautiful views 😘😘😘. I’m actually on my way home from a date with my ladies + gentleman 💕. Had a nice short date. May tomorrow be a better day for all of us.

Lots of love, ΖΔωΔ â™¥.