Hi peeps!! Hows your February 1? Oh my, I can’t believe January has ended. Was doing nothing and a month has passed already πŸ˜‚. Today was not that productive. Why? I slept a lot in the afternoon. My brother was out and took my phone with him and I don’t know what should I do with my life. Haha. Duh, what an excuse.Nice try, Zawa 😏. 

But still, I started my day with morning jog! Uuu. I was excited to see the sunrise like yesterday. But the sun was very shy today πŸ˜„ , kept hiding behind the cloud. However the scenery was soooooooo beautiful. Ugh, just can’t get enough. 

The green paddy field, the blue sky 😍. Starting my morning with this view somehow helps me living for the day. I really want you to see this with your own naked eyes! But it’s okay, I’m more than delighted to share this with you πŸ˜‡. But seriously, if you do have time, exercise in the morning. It’s like a boost for our mood for the whole day. This morning jog really helps me from wasting my morning (aka sleeping). Sleeping in the morning is not good actually even though I loveee it. I know you love it, too. Haha. Let’s try not to sleep in the morning (I’m trying. Hee). Let’s exercise!! Even 15 squats beside your bed would make a difference. Try it πŸ’—.

So, I wanna share a secret. Don’t tell anyone please πŸ˜‰. Hihi. Actually I have a black envelope, with colourful notes which I named as Happy Notes ^_^. What are these notes??? They are actually happy moments that I’ve had experienced. So, whenever something happy happens, I would write it down on the colourful paper and I would also describe my feelings during that particular time. Just short notes cause I could remember the moment just by knowing the key words. What a strong memory! Nay, I was lazy actually. Haha. 

Well, I started doing this in January. There are happy moments in my tough life (colourful notes in black envelope). It’s like my attempt to survive 2017. Honestly 2016 was a very hard one. I just couldn’t thank enough to those who stayed and helped me going through 2016. Thanks love 😘. So, to appreciate their effort, I will try my best to live 2017. Of course with them in my life. They are the reason to the existence of this happy notes and this blog. I really want you guys to meet them. Important people in my life. Hee. 

I can talk about them for the whole day but let’s get back to the Happy Notes, haha. Cause I don’t know when I would be able to stop if I keep talking about my loved ones. So, whenever I was down or depressed, or having a very hard time πŸ’”, I would go back to these notes (aside from ranting to my friend) and remind myself that there are times when I was happy too πŸ’•. Life is not always hard. There are times when I was happy too and I should be thankful to that. Don’t you think so? 

I got 9 notes for January 2017. Okay what. That’s a lot righttt. I hope I could write more for February. Heee. My dear readers, I know life can be hard. There are times when we feel like ending our own lives. But we have to keep on living cause there are more to lives. Our loved ones still need us. Sometimes they might not say it. Sometimes we feel like we are totally alone. Sometimes we don’t feel loved. But trust me, there are those who love us out there. 

This Happy Notes is one of my attempts to keep on living. You should find yours too. Do something that you would enjoy doing. I know you guys are strong ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for dropping by and loving my blog. Yesterday my friend said he loves this. That goes into my happy notes already (I’m so simple right. Haha) Thank you, you. Hee. Let’s live πŸ˜‰.

Lots of love, ΖΔωΔ β™₯.