Hi everyone. Jumuah Barokah <3. Hows the weather? It’s raining here and the bed is just sooo cozy. Imagine drinking hot coffee ☕ while wrapping yourself in soft warm blanket. Heaven 😆. Hihi. Warm fudgy brownies would be great too, with generous drips of caramel sauce 🍮. Ummphh. And yeah, I baked brownies this afternoon 😚. Take a look! 

Isn’t it sooo magnificient 😍. Honestly I haven’t baked brownies for months already (due to diet). Duh. And this is my first time making the topping. Well, the caramel sauce doesn’t really turn out well but it’s still delicious. Hihi. The fudgy sweet chocolaty brownies, topped with sweet creamy caramel sauce. Ughhh. I cannottt. You know what, I only had 2  small pieces 😂. The brownies was finished in only 2 hours. What to do, everyone lovesss my brownies. 

I have been using the same recipe since the first time I made brownies and actually it was recommended by my friend. Very simple steps and the sweetness is just right.You can check out this link. Try it out 😉.


To be frank, I was a bit off today. This morning I received an email. I had a phone interview last week and, urm, I failed. But I don’t know. I do feel sad but I also feel nothing 😅. Maybe it’s the sugar from the brownies and the sauce. Haha. What’s done is done right. Actually, it was my second try for the position. But it’s okay. Maybe I need to improve more. Maybe there is more suitable job waiting for me out there. Being an ordinary human, I do feel down sometimes. It’s 7 months already and I’m still here. Totally a big fat lie if I say I’m okay 👻. 

But remember darlings, we won’t be stucked in the same position forever. You and I, we will move to different phase of life, achieving new goals, living a better life. As for now, we might not be able to see it yet. Future is just so mysterious, right. We won’t know what would happen next. We can just keep putting on tremendous effort to get to our goals. The end result would be sweet. After all those efforts. Hard works do pay right. And that’s the charm of the future, being mysterious with sweet ending. Well, let’s just keep trying (trying my hard to stay positive). Have faith, things will get better darlings 😉.

Lots of love, Î–ΔωΔ â™¥.