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He Was An Emcee!!! 🎤

Hi world 🌞. I don't really have much to say. Really? Well, actually I have toooo much to say that I don't know where to start 😅. Last year around this time I was in the university, having a busy... Continue Reading →


Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful 💕

Hi peeps! What a great day to be alive 🌞. It's Chinese New Year! Yeay, more sweet honey tangerines 🍊. Every single year my house is flooded with tangerines, vitamin c huh. Have you ever eaten a mooncake? Pathetic I... Continue Reading →

Princess Purple 💜

Hi lovelies 😘. Jumuah Barokah. Hopefully more blessings would come in our lives. Guys, check out my calendar. My plain-yet-full-of-memories calendar.  Do you see the numbers in the corner? 63, 61.7, 60,etc. Well, that's me, in kilograms 🚺. Quite heavy... Continue Reading →

HSBC Cyberjaya Interview (Global Support Executive-Contact Center) 

Hi awesome people worldwide! May you be blessed with health and love 💕. So, as promised, I will share my experience attending interview. We'll gonna start with HSBC Cyberjaya, for the post Global Support Executive - Contact Center ☎. Quite... Continue Reading →

Pilot Post

Hi everyone ♥♥♥. Hopefully you have a nice day with exciting stuffs going on. So, this is my very first personal blog. Yeay! I can't believe I finally made one. I spent a day to create this and decide the... Continue Reading →

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